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This is an organization that is set up to give you the tools to begin the next journey in your life. Though at the moment what I can offer is limited but as this site grows I will add to it accordingly. Thanks for visiting enjoy

The only limits in life, are the limits you
put on YOURSELF!


My name is William, and I am a convicted felon. I've personally been through the trenches myself being what "they" call unemployable because of having a felony. Denied housing, fired from jobs after they hired me with it.  Then changed their mind. Fought to have it expunged as I was told i could do after probation to find out that was a lie. Etc Etc.. Ive been down that road where at times it seemed easier to  act like a felon since that was how I always was been treated as. Luckily I had Very good famliy and friends in my corner to keep me straight in my times of weakness. That is the purpose of this site, to shed light on them roads that sometimes seem extra dark. Also to make people aware of opportunites that is out there but many know nothing about. I'm here to help thats it!

William Brown

Founder/ CEO

 #Goals...  My number one objectve is to provide a space where ex-offenders and those convicted of felonies can find work and get another perspective of the "game" out there. I call it that because that is what it is, there are so many companies looking for good help but to find one that will believe in you considering your past can often seem like a game!  As the site grows I look to assist in a number of services so please bare with me. However what I do not want to do is just be a list of your everyday Felony Friendly employers, but be the go between you and your next employer to help you land and maintain that next opportunity.

For now check out my current job listings feel free to contact me anytime!



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